Unleash Financial Freedom with RothCard

Experience the Power of Crypto and Fiat Combined

RothCard's revolutionary Virtual and Physical Cards seamlessly merge the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional finance, empowering you with unrivaled convenience, security, and accessibility for all your financial interactions.

Choose Unparalleled Convenience in Crypto with RothCard - Now with a Complimentary Virtual Companion
Physical and Virtual in One – Seamless Solutions for Every Need
  • Exclusive Duo Advantage: Receive a complimentary Virtual RothCard with your Physical Card.
  • No Boundaries: Spend online or swipe in-store with no monthly limits.
  • Global Reach: Universal acceptance for effortless transactions anywhere.
  • Security First: Encrypted and secure, your spending is safe with us.
  • Elevated Access: Enjoy higher spending limits tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Designed for Daily Life: Make every transaction smooth and straightforward.

RothCard offers users a simple and hassle-free way to seamlessly convert and use cryptocurrencies as fiat money to be used anywhere in the world.

With the card, you will be able to convert the cryptocurrencies to fiat money. Shop offline or make online purchases at millions of retailers and service providers just like you would with a regular card.

✓ Card Network
✓ Issuing Processing
✓ Card Manufacturing
✓ 3D Secure, PSD2, SCA
✓ Identify Verification, Face Biometrics
✓ Data Intelligence &  Security
✓ Information Security Standard



Benefits of Using RothCard

Why Choose RothCard? Unmatched Benefits Await
Empowering Your Financial Freedom with Advanced Fintech Solutions

Effortlessly turn your crypto into spendable fiat. RothCard is your gateway to effortlessly bridging digital and traditional currencies.

Global Acceptance

Your RothCard is your passport to worldwide shopping, accepted wherever Visa/Mastercard is used.

Enhanced Security

Rest assured with RothCard’s top-notch security, protecting your transactions and personal data.

Cost-Effective Fees

Enjoy more of your money with RothCard’s low activation and recharge fees.

High Spending Limits

Indulge in higher purchasing power with RothCard’s generous spending limits.

Immediate Access & Use

Get quick access with instant activation for Virtual Cards and prompt delivery for Physical Cards.

Top Notch Security

ROTH CARD: Pioneering Secure Payment Processing

At ROTH CARD, our commitment to securing cardholder data is at the forefront of our operations, ensuring that your financial transactions are not just seamless but also fortified against today’s sophisticated threats. As a certified service provider under the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v3.2.1, we have demonstrated unwavering compliance with the highest standards of data security, safeguarding sensitive information across every transaction.

Key Features and Benefits:

Comprehensive Data Protection:

Our environment meticulously encrypts cardholder data both in transit over the Internet using strong cryptographic HTTPS interfaces, and at rest, ensuring unmatched protection against unauthorized access.

Advanced Infrastructure Security:

Located within the secure confines of Amazon data centers, our critical system components, including application and database servers, are fortified with cutting-edge security measures. This strategic placement not only enhances reliability but also ensures that our services are underpinned by the most robust defenses available.

Exclusive SaaS Platform Services:

ROTH CARD offers a wide array of payment SaaS services, including authorization, refund, settlement, and reconciliation services. Our platform is designed to streamline your payment processes, integrating seamlessly with your operations to deliver a hassle-free transaction experience.

Fraud and Risk Management:

Our platform employs advanced fraud management and optimization services, minimizing risk and ensuring the integrity of every transaction. We focus on prevention, allowing you to conduct business with confidence.

Global Compliance and Certification:

Our adherence to the PCI DSS v3.2.1 standard is not just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to our commitment to secure payment processing. With ROTH CARD, you’re choosing a partner that meets global standards for security, ensuring that your data, and that of your customers, is in safe hands.

Partner Network Security:

We extend our security measures to our partner network, encompassing payment authorization services through reputable providers like, Payletter, mercuryo, Credorax, and Unlimint. This ensures a secure, seamless payment ecosystem from end to end.

Choose ROTH CARD: Secure, Reliable, Compliant

With ROTH CARD, you’re not just choosing a payment processor; you’re selecting a partner dedicated to the security and integrity of your payment operations. Our comprehensive suite of services, backed by the strictest compliance standards, ensures that your transactions are not only efficient but also secured against the evolving landscape of digital threats.

Let ROTH CARD be the foundation of your payment processing needs, where security meets innovation.

Compliance and Financial Security

Your Trust, Our Commitment: Ensuring the Security of Your Assets with RothCard Adhering to Global Practices

Partnerships & Frameworks

We collaborate with leading financial entities to fortify our platform, providing you a secure and reliable service.

Bank-Level Security Measures

Your funds are shielded with security protocols mirroring those of top banks, for unparalleled protection.