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If you have not joined us yet, click the big fat yellow button below and follow the directions. Just click on and subscribe to FRX.

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When you opt to join us by clicking the giant button above, you will be taken to a new page.  To complete the process you will want to select the 'FRX' package.  Optionally, should you want to also participate in the uniquely rewarding IBO program, be sure to also select 'IBO' under the Start A Business section.  Finish the process of joining by completing the steps within your cart.


Select the FRX package

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After step 4 you will be asked to enter your information, create username and password - this is to setup your account.  Simply fill out the form then click on the continue button to proceed onto completing the rest of the steps to join the Team Abundance and Quick Turn Team.

Below you will find additional links that will provide you with strong support, incredible information and community access for gaining knowledge and experience.

What do you do after you have signed up?

Congrats on joining us and Welcome to the team! After you have signed up with IM Academy you will need to get connected with the team.  Below are links you need to access that - we highly encourage you to click, join, follow, like, etc so that you are included for everything.


Join Facebook Group: 1000

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This private Facebook group is the hub for all communications (tips / updates) and additional links (other social networking links directly to the team).


Watch this very important video!

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Facebook > 1000 Group > Introduction Video

Must be a member of the Facebook group to watch the video. Learn more about the program while learning how to access the other tutorials and private social networking links, like the ATH Discord channel.


Join the Zoom Webinar / Meetings

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Register for the FREE Zoom Webinar / Meetings.  Several times a week we gather together via Zoom for updates, tips, recommendations, questions / answers, guidance, etc.

This is beneficial because you get to be part of the community during a live conversation, simple demonstration and helpful education.

Once you have joined the Facebook group, watched the important video and registered for the Zooms, you are pretty much all set. We encourage you to participate in the Facebook group so that you can learn where and how to access the additional links to Quick Turn Indicator, the ATH Discord channel, updates, etc.