We had an amazing week trading with ASJ Signals.  Below are all the details from the week including a video update, my spreadsheet with all my stats.  Making $500 a day with just $6000 trading. I will meet you all back here on Zoom on Monday for another awesome trade.  Thanks for joining me on this … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Killer Week Trading W/ ASJ 5% Daily Gain

I’m really starting to like this.  But, is it too good to be true?  We just don’t know. What we do know is that we can withdraw Monday through Friday and this program has been going since 2020 and they have lots of visible people in the company. Join me tomorrow in the Zoom to take our … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Today’s ASJ Trade 8.9% NET

Getting really comfortable with ASJ.  There are still some outstanding, unanswered questions lingering but I believe this has more to do with the language and cultural barrier than with any attempt at deception. We will continue to trade with ASJ.  I will make a withdrawal of all my profits on Friday and we will continue to … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Today’s Trade 5%

Below are a number of images from different people who took the trade.  Also a video of our Zoom meeting where I took the live trade with my live account. Join us tomorrow in Zoom for the next trade. click images below to enlarge

ASJ Trade made $400 or about 8%