All the details are in my video.  Today I withdrew all my funds from Adivah to shift into another project. Check it out so you are informed and up to day.  This is not financial advice, just letting you know what I’m doing and why.  Adivah looked like a great opportunity and it still may be, but … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

I quit!

A very disappointing start, but that is very often how Beta goes. I’m happy we were there for it because now we can tell the story. Adivah has committed to getting all of us our lost funds back by not charging us fees after the official launch on October 1st. so in the end we have only … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

What Happened to Adivah????

We have a new project that is very exciting.  The key to making money with these projects is to recognize bad actors quickly and get out but keep looking for excellent projects like this one. I will be doing a video later today with more details but here are a few things I can tell you … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS