Do you have a YES bias or a NO bias?This simple question and this simple bias can have a gigantic impact on your life, so don’t jump to say NO. The bigger question is in my video so check it out and get back to me.

Scalper Update and a Question

As many of us are also involved in some passive income trading platforms, I have found that manual trading is a welcome and relaxing hobby when it is profitable. Most manual traders however are not profitable and there are very specific and identifiable reasons why this is the case.  When Scalper 2.0 is released this week … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Are you ready? I AM!

Check out my video for the latest on the 8-Minute Trader Launch and answers to all your questions. This moment will not repeat itself.  We are at the very top of this mountain.  Everything that will be built over the next years will be built underneath us, you and me.  Get registered now for the Launch and … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS


I have some great news. After all this time we are finally launching and I’ve been given the opportunity to get you hooked up early before anyone else with the form attached. Get that filled out right away and submitted, then send it to all the people who you have introduced to 8-Minute Trader. Thank you for … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

8-Minute Trader LAUNCHING NOW

I’ve been using The Scalper for almost a full week and here are my results. Watch my video for a complete update and check out the screenshots below for today’s results on a live account.  This example is on a $2500 balance using a 0.01 lot size.   Why do I do it this on a live … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Scalper Update

Take a serious look at that chart.  Any knucklehead could have made $100,000 today with a small account. If you don’t see it, contact me and I’ll point it out.$100,000 trade with $5,000 accountAll next week will be free for you to get the Scalper Alerts.  Trade any instrument, any timeframe.  I recommend US-30 or DAX … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

 $100,000 trade with $5,000 account

Here is my first segment to update you on my trip to California. More to come but wanted to get segment number one out to you and I’ll send another one out later today or tomorrow.

Scott’s trip to CA

Someone posted this image in our chat room recently and I thought it perfectly represents how many people approach life. Some believe that unless it is complicated and difficult it is not legit and not worth doing.  As you will hear them say “nothing is that easy” or “if it’s that simple there’s gotta be … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Do you like Simple or Complicated?

Once you master the 8-Minute Trader morning call and Scalper, you will be able to earn a full time income just from your trading.  Many will get rich just from trading. But for those who want more there are several other income streams you can tap into.  This video is for those who want to MAXIMIZE … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

How To Retire with 8-Minute Trader

Soon 8-Minute Trader will launch and it will be a scramble.  Thousands of users will be activated in a single day and having done this before there will be a million questions and requests for support. For this reason I have added Angelica to our team. The other day I interviewed Angelica so you could get to … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Need Tech-Support for 8-Minute Trader?

Why do we complicate everything we do?  Marriage and relationships can be so simple, our jobs, careers, health, longevity, and making money are all so simple but we humans will work overtime to complicate all of it to the point that we fail. Some things we just don’t need to know. Like if we are traders who … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Save your Marriage, Save your Trading, Save your Life

We are all so screwed up in the head that we make excuses for not being successful.STOP BEING A SCHMUCK AND LISTEN UP. There are 2 important videos on this page: Watch this video first to help you get out of your mind Watch this video second to see the path out of Schmuckdom After … CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS

Who Said You Can’t?