Why get into Arbitrage Stack?

Because it will be as big and as profitable as AMS, maybe better, and also because we have to continue to diversify.  Remember, one win can make up for 10 failures.

Why start now?

 You can start whenever you want, but at launch is always the best time and it's only a minimum of $500 to start if you are a "minimum" type person.  (and there's nothing wrong with that if you are)

Can I refer others? 

Hell yes, and it pays great if you do starting at 5% on level 1 and going down 5 levels.

Is this for everyone?

No, none of these goofy deals are for the average knucklehead out there who suffers his/her life away in a cubicle.  But, if you are like me and you love glory and euphoria of victory and can handle the occasional agony of defeat, then come along with me.

Why is Scott so confident in Arbitrage Stack?

Because I love making money and Ed Z. loves making money so we seek out the best deals.  Ed Z. is a personal friend of the founder of this program, and I know Arbitrage trading works and is a solid winner if done correctly.  Also, the risk is extremely low at just $500 minimum entry.

How often can we withdraw?

You can withdraw anytime you want and there is no hold time and your funds are never locked up like in most other programs.

What crypto can I use to deposit and get started?

Deposit options: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20 5 and BNB BEP20

What was that Tony Robbins says?

 "The Past Does Not Equal The Future".  If you've been burned or lost or on pause in another program, that has nothing to do with this program.  This is an Arbitrage Trading Program unlike anything else we are involved in and whatever happened yesterday has no bearing on what happens with this program.

How long will this last?

I've been told this could and should last a long time.  I can't give an exact timeline but I can tell you we will manage this one like all the others.  Get our seed capital out ASAP and then compound the rest into the sunset.

Does it Auto Compound?

No, you will have to redeposit your daily profits in order for them to compound, or you can withdraw to your wallet every day, it's your choice.

What is Scott doing?

 I am depositing $10,000 and compounding it to $20,000, then I'll withdraw $420 a day and live happily ever after with that and the 9 other residual income streams I have coming in.  Why do I never suffer?  Because over time I have had enough successes to carry me through any downturn, paused program, or rug pull.