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Get ready for an exciting milestone! At Cost Metals is gearing up for a momentous launch, and we're here to ensure you're prepared. Our commitment to transparency and exceptional service remains unwavering as we share our latest updates with you. Let's dive in together!

If you could get your groceries "AT COST" would that interest you?
If you could get your gas "AT COST" would that interest you?
If you could buy your car "AT COST" would that interest you?

Of course it would.

The most stable investment anyone has ever made since the beginning of time has been Gold and Silver, so if I asked you the same question;  IF YOU COULD BUY GOLD AND SILVER, "AT COST" WOULD THAT INTEREST YOU?

The answer must be a resounding YES.

Don't wait till the new year, don't wait till AMS returns, don't wait till you cut the grass, till Bobby turns 18, don't wait for the sky to fall. 

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During beta testing, we've processed numerous orders flawlessly! As we near the end of our pre-launch phase, we've had to contain our excitement and focus on delivering exceptional results for our affiliates and customers. We're humbled and excited to transition into a full-fledged company, and we extend our gratitude for the thousands of referrals.

Now is your chance to get involved in a program that will be a world wide phenomenon!


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Dr. Ron Paul
- Congressman

“Inflation is a very simple concept to understand: More money = less value. It may seem contradictory but it’s very straightforward."

Robert Kiyosaki
- Best Selling Financial Author

“Silver may be the best possible way to build wealth.”

These quotes are at least 20 years old and probably more true now then ever before.

Reasons why this is timely:

  • Global uncertainty all but dictate the necessity of a stable store of value.
  • Inflation is winning. It is real and it is bad.
  • Globally, housing / grocery prices are not sustainable.
  • Central Banks are ALL printing money at unprecedented rates.
  • Paper currency is going digital. (BRICS, FEDnow, etc)
  • Lasting effects of COVID / Supply Chains / Inflation are still handcuffing  global markets.

These are not opinions. They are facts regardless of politics, nationality, or religion.

Why precious metal?

  • Hold real tangible value.
  • Time tested.
  • Hedge against inflation.
  • Easily explainable - even children know it is good to have gold and silver.
  • Relatively stable during uncertain times.
  • Best product to be garage qualified with.

Our metal products:

  • We Offer The Same Coins  / Bars For Less
  • US Mint Coins - Eagles Buffalos, Morgan / Peace
  • Canadian Coins - Maples, Grizzlies, Timberwolves
  • South African Coins - Kruggerand
  • Graded Certified Flawless Numismatic Coins - MS70, PR70 (old and new)
  • Generic Bars and Coins - Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, etc

Get positioned now in this epic opportunity before your team becomes your sponsor!

We also have an online community via Telegram. We welcome new members to join us. It’s the best way to get the most up-to-date information about ACM.

Helpful instructions for Members / Affiliates

Verify All Details: Double-check information in the updated back office for accurate metal delivery.

Ensure KYC Compliance: Verify phone numbers, addresses, and shipping details for smooth KYC processing.

MS70 Shipment: Thousands of MS70s will be shipped on launch day; ensure your address is verified for delivery.

Get-A-Head Coins: Coming in April with global delivery in days – don't miss out!

Automatic Payments: Add a card for automatic payments on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 21st, and 28th of each month.

Inbound Payments: Reflect net amount available for purchasing and shipping products.

Direct Vault Access: Access physical vaults directly for added security and convenience.

Cash Account: Reflects funds available for purchases.

Purchase Limitations: Memberships, At Cost Gold, At Cost Silver, At Cost Palladium, Specialty Bullion, and Graded Numismatics can only be purchased with funds posted to Cash Account.

Regular Purchases: Get-A-Head coins can be bought regularly with a card on file.

No More $25 Minimum Funding! Spread the word about this sweet deal!

Exciting Genealogy Updates: Additional levels coming soon – stay tuned for more!

Metal Delivery Choices

Tailored Convenience for You!

Immediate Delivery: Utilize your cash account to purchase metals and specify the delivery address for prompt shipping.

Vaulting: Opt for vault storage by having your metals shipped directly to the nearest vault. Upon delivery, you retain the flexibility to either have them shipped at your convenience or continue storing them securely in the vault, with direct access provided.

DAP Vault: Conveniently purchase precious metals incrementally at your own pace through our DAP Vault option. Ideal for smaller purchases, this option ensures access to the best prices while avoiding unnecessary shipping costs. Consider your shipment timing carefully and weigh the option to sell metals back, with real-time buy/sell pricing facilitating seamless transactions. Upon selling back, the cash value is credited to your Cash Account for withdrawal or further use.