New Program Alert & Video

You may be asking why I'm getting into another Crypto Arbitrage program.  The answer is simple.  Because in order to stay profitable and to grow we must diversify.

Here's another reason why I do it.  I found myself slowing down a bit and wanting to spend more time on the beach.  I moved to the coast and there are a lot of old people in my neighborhood who drive golf carts and talk about retirement and ask me if I'm retired.

I hate the notion, even the sound of that word "retire", and my friend Jamzee is absolutely crushing it every day.  He's 28 and full of energy and digging into these programs, doing all the work to find the kinks, making great videos on them and just building a great future for himself and his family.

He's been my inspiration to not slow down but to ramp it up.  I'm only 65, I'm going to be here for at least another 40 years and I can't depend on anything I'm doing now being around for the next 40 years.  We need to constantly stay motivated, inspired, and engaged.

I'm in so many programs I forget which ones, that's where Jaz comes in, she keeps me organized and moving forward.  If you don't have a Jaz, find a different solution, but don't get complacent, stale, and old.  Don't buy into the "retirement" thing just because society has made that out to be something to look forward to.  Statistics prove that people who retire die sooner than those who stay active and engaged in making money.

But enough about that.  The new program is called Maxpread and I was about to do a video on it when I saw Jamzees video and thought it would be idiotic to try and compete with his excellent video so I'm posting it below (hope he doesn't mind).  But for God's sake use my referral link, not his; we old people have to stick together.

Here's Jamzee's video, check it out ↓↓↓ and DIVERSIFY, stay young, get a girlfriend / boyfriend, get tanned, get TRT, stop eating bad food and get happy.