What is TRC-20?

TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain for implementing tokens with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). In this case the crypto USDT is accepted form of funding through TRC-20.

This 'bit of information' is very important to know because it will make a difference in getting your IPC account funded successfully.

Demonstration: IPC > Transaction > Funding > TRC-20

What will you need from this page to get your funds from your crypto provider into your IPC account?  

You will  collect the TRC-20 WALLET ADDRESS because you will need to provide it to your crypto provider so they know where to send your funds. (The image below highlights the area you should focus on.)

Demonstration: IPC > Transaction > Funding > TRC-20 [wallet address]

The TRC-20 Wallet Address is displayed to you two ways but they are both one in the same. Look at the highlighted area TRC-20 WALLET ADDRESS in the image above. Just below that title you will see what is called a QR code and under that is a typed-out address.  Both QR code and typed-out address are the same. 

You only need to decide how you want to collect your TRC-20 WALLET ADDRESS:  

  • With the QR code you can use your camera via your device to scan the code and it will display the (same) typed-out address so that you can "copy it" and prepare yourself to paste it into your crypto provider website / app.
  • With the typed-out address you can highlight it and then select to "copy it" so that you can prepare yourself to paste it into your crypto provider website / app.

It's really a matter of personal preference on how you want to do it.

Remember the 'bit of information' that is very important to know about TRC-20?

Well, this is where that knowledge comes into play.  When you tell your crypto provider to send your USDT into your IPC account using your TRC-20 address the funds must be sent through the TRC-20 blockchain.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because if the USDT is not sent  through TRC-20 blockchain, then it is very likely you will lose your funds out into the digital nowhere. 

If you are using Kraken.com as your crypto provider, like we do, then you are in luck because we have a step by step How To series that can help guide you.