From the IPC dashboard, use the side bar navigation and click on Subscription. On the subscription page you will have a few options to pick from.  For this demonstration we are going to select Genius BOT.

Demonstration: IPC > Dashboard > Subscription > Genius BOT

When you click on "SUBSCRIBE" within the Genius BOT option a pop up window will appear.

Initially you may want to do a little math to figure out what value to put in the "DEPOSIT AMOUNT".  In this demonstration we have a total of $389.09 to work with. We know from the Subscription Fee we need to subtract $99.90 from the total (of $389.09).  The difference is what we are using as the "DEPOSIT AMOUNT" , in this case it is $289.19*.

The subscribe form will automatically total up your "TOTAL PAYOUT AMOUNT". 

*the deposit amount will become your MT4 Trading Capital

Demonstration: IPC > Dashboard > Subscription > Genius BOT > Fill out form, download PDF, checkmark the box, then CONFIRM

To complete the order, simply download the LPOA, place a checkmark in the checkbox and then click "CONFIRM"

Shortly after you click "CONFIRM" you will see a notification pop up in the top right corner of the window giving you a status of your subscription.

Demonstration: IPC > Subscription > Notification

From here you can go back to your IPC Dashboard.