After you have successfully signed up / registered you are asked to sign into your account and you will be immediately taken to the KYC (Know Your Customer) Form.  It's a basic and simple KYC form. 

Take your time to fill out the form and ensure your information is correct. 


Demonstration: IPC KYC (Know Your Customer) form

You are asked to provide Proof of Identity.  What they are asking you to do is to submit a photo of your state issued License, ID card or even your passport.  It's quick to grab your license and get your phone out to take a photo BUT!... before you do, just know a few things beforehand to help make the process feel less complicated.

They will want a clearly legible photo of the front side and back side of your license or I.D..

When you take that photo be sure that your license is in a very well lit area and is clearly legible through your screen and that ALL FOUR CORNERS of the license are within the shot.  If a corner is cut off or if the angle of the photo is awkwardly obvious then you will want to retake a new photo. 

We suggest your lay your I.D. on a flat surface in a well-lit area and hold the phone directly above when taking your shot, making sure that it looks clear and focused.

We all love our technologies and the capabilities they are designed to offer.  The photos you just took are highly likely to be in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition).  That sounds amazing and all but for the purpose of simply proving your identity, it can be way too much.  This also means that when you upload those photos they will be WAY TOO LARGE for the site to process quickly.

We as humans like that feeling of "instant" and when the website is taking way too long to upload, process and submit the photos, then you can easily feel frustrated.  

Avoid all that!  

Just make sure the photos you are uploading are no bigger than 2mb in file size (each).

How does one do that?  Good question! 

If you are the kind of person who would like some steps to help guide you in this part, then here you go.

If you’re filling out the KYC form on a computer, you should be able to email to yourself the photos you just took in the same way you would share them with someone else. 

Click your share button, select your email application and send them to yourself.

Apple Share

Android Share

When you receive the email, save the attached image to your computer, taking note of where the image is being saved to, such as your Pictures or Downloads folder. Then when you click the button to upload your images on the KYC form, you’ll know where to find them.