Gary Wood says life is created to be lived, and he isn’t wasting any time. Whether he’s talking to others about his business, fly-fishing in Canada and New Zealand, riding his motorcycle, skimming across the water on his jet ski, or reminiscing about his past life as a world-class hang-glider pilot, you can tell how much Gary enjoys life.

With a background as varied as his, Gary’s zest for life comes as no surprise. A California native, after high school enlisted in the military, he joined the Army and was trained in special ops. Three years as an enlisted man got him yearning for more, and he went to college in Reno, NV, where he was promoted to Battalion Commander of the schools ROTC unit. He was Honor Graduate of his ROTC unit and received a RA Commission to the rank of 2LT..He pursued degrees in Forestry and Criminal Justice, which were supposed to propel him into law school. But instead of law school, Gary became a financial consultant with the A.L.Williams company and rose rapidly to the top.

When Gary was introduced to Youngevity, he realized how easy it was to trade on the financial markets.

“If we can get a million affiliates, we can really make a difference!

“I just want them to be on our team!” he says with a laugh—but he isn’t joking. He isn’t stopping with the United States. With his contacts in Canada and New Zealand, Gary is excited about his expansion of 8-Minute Trader to other countries.

“I’ve been always been able to make things happen”, he says. “I don’t quit. I know that I can beat 90 percent of the people out there just by outworking them, the other 10 percent is a dog fight”.