Name: Brian McDaniel Email: [email protected]
How long have you been working with 8 Minute Trader? Since June?
Are you winning more or losing more trades? satisfied
Is 8 Minute Trader better or not as good as other systems you have used in the past? This is the only system I have used. I have nothing to compare it to.
What is your opinion of Sal? I think Sal is great. I believe he is genuine and working very hard to make this great.
Do you plan to stick with 8 Minute Trader or are you looking for something more reliable? sticking with it
Do you feel you were mislead or that 8 Minute Trader/Scalper alerts were in any way misrepresented? I believe my initial impression of them was a long ways from the truth, which is partially my fault as a novice trader. However, I have worked my ass off learning this stuff. Studied, read books, watched videos, analyzed hundreds of signals. While there are definitely some very good signals out there, there are also a lot of bad ones. Sometimes the bad results are my fault, but I find that to be less the case and more often it is a buy signal that goes red further than any reasonable risk factor would allow. I understand that not every signal will be a winner and that no system can be perfect, but my total for this week is 7 winners, 20 losers.
What was the main reason you joined 8 Minute Trader? To take signals, make trades, make money. From everything I saw, I would be able to make at least 3% daily before lunch. That hasn’t worked out for me yet.
Please share any personal thoughts, emotions, anger, joy, that you may have relating to your 8 Minute Trader Experience. Signals need to be better, plain and simple. Ive worked hard to reduce emotions in trading, so I dont have much of that. I will be waiting for the next version to see if it is everything it is cracked up to be. If not, it may be time to move on.