Name: Andy Haynes Email: [email protected]
How long have you been working with 8 Minute Trader? 3 months or so
Are you winning more or losing more trades? satisfied
Is 8 Minute Trader better or not as good as other systems you have used in the past? I haven’t used many systems, I have tried a few BOTs unsuccessfully…so in the same ball park currently – not successful.
What is your opinion of Sal? Seems like a lovely guy, heart totally in the right place. Very good, knowledgable trader and successful with it. Understandably very into the MLM side of things as well – not my bag but that’s ok. Training is very good and I have learned a lot. The area that never gets talked about (and I am not negative) but when we always talk about compounding the bit that gets forgotten is when you lose it brings the value of your account down, but using the same % to level out the account isn’t correct because when you lose your account is at a different starting point so you need a bigger win by default just to get back to where you were – if that makes sense.
Do you plan to stick with 8 Minute Trader or are you looking for something more reliable? sticking with it
Do you feel you were mislead or that 8 Minute Trader/Scalper alerts were in any way misrepresented? Above I am sticking with it but I am always looking for reliable incomes. I don’t feel mislead, I thought the alerts would be better than they are. I don’t mind learning new skills and indeed enjoy it, I love the idea of controlling my financial destiny as well. I consider myself fairly astute and I’m perplexed at why I am not ahead with the trading.
What was the main reason you joined 8 Minute Trader? I joined because I have always wanted to trade, I love the idea of taking control of my finances…as well as passive incomes.being able to earn remotely has always appealed to me. I thought this would have more certainty on alerts though.
Please share any personal thoughts, emotions, anger, joy, that you may have relating to your 8 Minute Trader Experience. I am not into other peoples results, I don’t like the 3 C’s – Comparing, complaining or criticizing. I think more could be done to show people what to take (trade wise) when to get out etc – this doesn’t need to be live, Sal could create a video of real “live” alerts and talk through as he does or doesn’t take them. It could be edited into chunks but it would give a great insight into how he thinks/performs. I am suer people are making money but I don’t want to just hear you say that tell me what they are specifically doing so I know if I am or not. I am prepared to learn and spend time learning to get constant results. For me its about consistent month on month results – if I can do 5% per wk consistently that is an incredible return. I am not particularly angry at this point – I always understand the decisions I make. I have lost a few grand so far (live account). I look forward to seeing the difference in the new software.