2022-11-18 in Breaking Even, Feedback

Name: Stefan Henemo
Email: [email protected]

How long have you been working with 8 Minute Trader?

Initially since july. Joined on the launch date 1 st of September

Are you winning more or losing more trades?

Breaking Even

Is 8 Minute Trader better or not as good as other systems you have used in the past?

For what I have learned so far it is about the same as other systems I have used. Perhaps slightly better thanks to the simplicity of things.

What is your opinion of Sal?

I think Sal is a great person although I don´t know him personally. He is sounds very experienced, calm and professional. I´m not sure though if his “long” experience with software development is relevant? I´m more positive than negative. That I can say and I hope we will see evidence of how good he speaks about the new updates

Do you plan to stick with 8 Minute Trader or are you looking for something more reliable?

sticking with it

Do you feel you were mislead or that 8 Minute Trader/Scalper alerts were in any way misrepresented?

Yes, for sure. In the pre-launch presentations Sal showed the alerts software where on fire. Almost every alert was a winner. And I think I have watched every signal youtube video out there where he shows different charts and different instrument, timeframes and so on. I was blown away with what the software could do to my personal finances. But there have been many disappointments since september so I have still not used it on live money.

What was the main reason you joined 8 Minute Trader?

100% the alert software. I really thought (hoped) they cracked the code and that I was going to be set for success within the next year 🙂 I already where trading the NY opening on the 1M timeframe before 8 MT. So for me the big take away by joining was the absolutely the software.

Please share any personal thoughts, emotions, anger, joy, that you may have relating to your 8 Minute Trader Experience.

They must deliver a more reliable and updated alert software that people are winning with. I also think they must develop a good risk management calculator that is showing on the charts. There are others out there so it is not that hard to do. I think one of the biggest problems are that new people (and experienced) doesn´t use proper risk. If you had a tool on the chart (like the NTA Basic EA) where you just input your precentege of 1%, you are good to go. Where you place your stoploss shouldn´t matter because the EA will calculate the same risk anyway. Current version of 8 MT software doesn´t allow that function and based on the stop loss position the risk increases/decreases proportional if you don´t calculate lot sise for every trade. New people can´t do that and therefore their risk is always changing. I love the NTA Basic EA that Jamzee shared in the group a while ago. It has been a game-changer for me!