2022-11-18 in Feedback, Losing

Name: Lorna Fisher
Email: [email protected]

How long have you been working with 8 Minute Trader?

Since you introduced it to Fireteam 1

Are you winning more or losing more trades?


Is 8 Minute Trader better or not as good as other systems you have used in the past?

8 Minute trader in my opinion is ALL Network marketing hype. They LIED and claimed if you never traded before, and did not or could not have the time to learn to trade THEY did that for you, they specifically said, “most people don’t have the time or ability to learn all of the nuances of trading, so here at 8 minute trader, we have done that for you!!!! ALL you had to do was GET IN when it said Buy or Sell!!! and you will make money!!!” FALSE!! Now, when that doesn’t pan out, it is blamed on the new traders instead of the misinformation, lack of consistency, lack of TRADING FUNDEMENTALS, complete failure of the signals to produce in any CONSISTENCY for a new trader to trade! I am a pretty seasoned trader, Price Action and Market structure, so after the FIRST day, I removed the signals from my MT4! However, I went singing their praises and felt totally responsible for the people who joined based on the enthusiasm I had and the HYPE they continue to spread about Winning trades, when CLEARLY more trades are loosers than winners, especially for new traders!! Where’s the training on basics like support and resistance, market structure, price action etc. Where are the organized videos in a training academy like most companies that say they are teaching you to trade have in their back office??? ALL I hear about is the NEXT EVENT!!! and dangling BS new signals over you head and saying something is WRONG WITH YOU!!!

What is your opinion of Sal?

Not very good!!!! I thought he was a man of integrity, an honest individual, really caring about the little guy! To put it mildly, I NO LONGER FEEL ANY OF THOSE THINGS… To be perfectly honest, I can no longer listen to his voice, when he comes on, I HANG up!! I have lost all respect!

Do you plan to stick with 8 Minute Trader or are you looking for something more reliable?

looking for something more reliable

Do you feel you were mislead or that 8 Minute Trader/Scalper alerts were in any way misrepresented?


What was the main reason you joined 8 Minute Trader?

The fact that I have been a trader for a long time, ALWAYS, I have people asking me to teach them to trade… I have never found a simple way to effectively teach them without them being ALL IN and studying and LEARNING Market Structure, Price Action, Supply/Demand, Support Resistance, Imbalances, Fair value gaps, etc… I was soooooo relived when the LIE of the 8 minute trader presented it’s self as this signal service the SOMEHOW figured out (even though no one else could) how to SIMPLIFY trading for any and every one at ANY skill or no skill level, to just BUY when they said BUY and SELL when they said SELL and CHANGE YOU LIFE !!! In my opinion, and I have NOT offered it in the group as not to discourage anyone, but since you ASKED… I JOINED BASED ON A LIE, IT’S WORSE THAN A SUBPAR SIGNAL SERVICE, NO INTEGRITY OF THE OWNERS, ONLY INTERESTED IN NETWORK MARKETING TO RECOOP THEIR MONEY AND IT’S ALL BULLSHYT AND I’M COMPLETELY OVER IT!!!!

Please share any personal thoughts, emotions, anger, joy, that you may have relating to your 8 Minute Trader Experience.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA…. Pretty sure you can see from the answers above how i REALLY feel!!!…… Oh, an also, what was all the BullShyt about… Those of you that join as soon as we open will get all of this and that???? I didnt get SHYT!!!!!!!……….. In case you haven’t picked up my vibe….. I’m OVER IT!!!! NEXT PROJECT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure exactly why this survey is being polled, but please feel free to use my opinion anyway you would like!!!