2022-09-09 in Adivah, Broadcasts, HeroFX

We have a new project that is very exciting.  The key to making money with these projects is to recognize bad actors quickly and get out but keep looking for excellent projects like this one.

I will be doing a video later today with more details but here are a few things I can tell you now so you can get prepared.

If you already registered for HeroFX, you are the only ones who are receiving this message.  I am currently beta testing this program with real money and will email you the results starting on Monday.

This could be the highest yielding program we have seen and it's run out of the US with a 3rd Party Broker not affiliated with the program provider.  HeroFX is our chosen 3rd party broker.  I have been on the phone with the owner of Hero and he has been vetted, up and down and all around.

The program will officially launch on October 1, 2022 but if you would like to get in early with our beta team please fill out the form below in Step 2 once you are registered using this link: https://login.herofx.co/links/go/1986

The system and technology being used for this program have been functioning for 3 years and are now finally being made available to you through this program.  REMEMBER, EARLY ENTRY IS A KEY FACTOR always.

Open beta testing will begin September 19th. Fill out the form in Step 2 AFTER you have registered if you would like to participate during this phase.

Registered using this link: https://login.herofx.co/links/go/1986

STEP 2. 

Fund your HeroFX account with a minimum $250 (there will be no demo's for this beta, serious players only).

Join our Telegram group @adivahfireteam1

Stand by for additional instructions.


Expected launch date: October 1st

  • Risk Assessment - LOW/MEDIUM  ⌞│⌝
  • Currently in Beta Phase - October 1st Expected Launch Date 🗓
  • Trades Gold and Forex Pairs on the MT5 Platform 🎩
  • Uses a 3rd Party Broker to Execute Trades ⚙️
  • 3-5% or Higher Daily Profit Target 🎯
  • Minimum $250 Entry 💵
  • MAX 10% Daily Drawdown ♟
  • 100% Access to Funds (Trading Team Does NOT Have Access) 🔐
  • Withdraw ANY Time of the Week 💰
  • IB Referral Commissions Available (Paid Through Broker) 🧲