2022-08-05 in 8 Minute Trader, Broadcasts

Someone posted this image in our chat room recently and I thought it perfectly represents how many people approach life.

Some believe that unless it is complicated and difficult it is not legit and not worth doing.  As you will hear them say "nothing is that easy" or "if it's that simple there's gotta be a catch".

The truth is that making money is not difficult.  I know people say you have to "work hard" but that's not true, making money does not necessarily require hard work.  I've heard people say about a good marriage that you have to "work at it" or that it's "hard work".  I say only if you are married to the wrong person.

Trading is a beautiful place to witness how difficult people make things.  The massive monitor arrays some have that display all the news of the day and a million different charts.  Ever heard of "information overload"?

The number one objective for designers of airliner cockpits is to lessen the workload of the pilots by reducing the number of displays, dials, and switches they have to monitor so that they can enjoy the flight with less stress while delivering the passengers safely to their destination.

This is what Sal has done for trading.  He has reduced the need for monitoring multiple charts, news events, and the need for a lot of technical analysis.

Technical Analysis is the key to successful trading, but it can often be misinterpreted and result in a failed trade.  Now you don't have to do any TA to get magnificent results of 5% to 100% daily.  Trust me, keep it simple and win, that's how smart traders are doing it thanks to 8-Minute Trader.

Where to sign up for 8 Minute Trader with HARDMONEYSOLUTIONS:

STEP 1: Click the link below:

Then click "ADD TO CART"

Then click on Cart upper right hand corner ==》 Continue to Check Out

STEP 2: It will ask you "Who referred you to youngevity?"

Use this username as your answer in that box: Hardmoneysolutions

Next click submit

STEP 3: Fill out the form

Enter your credentials and credit card info for free spot

(Note: put in valid card credentials and submit but the system will not actually charge you when creating free account)

Once you do this you'll have your own account.

Recommended Broker

You can actually use any broker you wish to use.

We use and recommend ENVIFX.

After you have successfully created your enviFX account you will need to:
Step 1: Fund your account

Click on Deposit Funds  

Select the Deposit Type

Select a Wallet

Enter the Amount you want to deposit 

Click on REDIRECT ME TO PAYMENT PAGE - follow the instructions provided on the next page

Step 2: Create a live trading account

Click on My Accounts

Select the Account Type : Envi FX MT4 ECN

Next you will need to Select Currency

Select the Account Leverage : 300 or 500 (this is a personal decision)

Click on Create Account

An email will be sent from enviFX with your new account credentials.  Use the provided credentials to setup your MT4.

Step 3: Move funds into live trading account

Click on Internal Transfer

Select the Transfer Type : Wallet to Metatrader

Select Transfer From : (pick the one that has your recent deposit value)

Select Transfer To : (choose the newly created Live account)

Enter the Amount to Transfer 

Click on Request Transfer

When the transfer is complete you will now be able to see the funds appear within your MT4 application. 

Step 4 : Setting up the MT4 trading chart