2022-04-03 in Broadcasts

All the rules have changed.

  1. Boys are Girls and Girls are Boys
  2. Hard work is not required to get rich
  3. A College Education is a big waste of time, money, and effort  
  4. Everything you need to succeed can be found on YouTube
  5. Men can have babies 
  6. Millionaires are made overnight 
  7. Proper grammar is no longer used to communicate (paragraph below illustrates this point)

So, what are you going to do with all these new rules?  Sit in your easy chair, watch TV and ignore it; or embrace the new world order and make shit loads of money?  What's it gonna be?

Mark P. sent me this video earlier today and it is so good, and goes directly to the point that most of the rules for success and making money have changed.

If you are in COTP with me then you already know this, and if you are not then you are one of those guys sitting in your easy chair watching TV and living someone else's fantasy life.

Check out this video.

He talks specifically about Crypto Arbitrage which is what we are doing in COTP and we are crushing it.

I am making $7000 a day and that is chump change compared to the $35,000 a day a friend of mine is making.  But, I'm right on his heels, I'll catch him by the end of May.

You still think it's not possible?

I've never made such claims because in trading I've never made this much money, but I'm making the claims now.  I think you should pay attention, CLICK THE RED BUTTON BELOW AND JOIN ME.

Where to sign up for 8 Minute Trader with HARDMONEYSOLUTIONS:

STEP 1: Click the link below:

Then click "ADD TO CART"

Then click on Cart upper right hand corner ==》 Continue to Check Out

STEP 2: It will ask you "Who referred you to youngevity?"

Use this username as your answer in that box: Hardmoneysolutions

Next click submit

STEP 3: Fill out the form

Enter your credentials and credit card info for free spot

(Note: put in valid card credentials and submit but the system will not actually charge you when creating free account)

Once you do this you'll have your own account.

Recommended Broker

You can actually use any broker you wish to use.

We use and recommend ENVIFX.

After you have successfully created your enviFX account you will need to:
Step 1: Fund your account

Click on Deposit Funds  

Select the Deposit Type

Select a Wallet

Enter the Amount you want to deposit 

Click on REDIRECT ME TO PAYMENT PAGE - follow the instructions provided on the next page

Step 2: Create a live trading account

Click on My Accounts

Select the Account Type : Envi FX MT4 ECN

Next you will need to Select Currency

Select the Account Leverage : 300 or 500 (this is a personal decision)

Click on Create Account

An email will be sent from enviFX with your new account credentials.  Use the provided credentials to setup your MT4.

Step 3: Move funds into live trading account

Click on Internal Transfer

Select the Transfer Type : Wallet to Metatrader

Select Transfer From : (pick the one that has your recent deposit value)

Select Transfer To : (choose the newly created Live account)

Enter the Amount to Transfer 

Click on Request Transfer

When the transfer is complete you will now be able to see the funds appear within your MT4 application. 

Step 4 : Setting up the MT4 trading chart